A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Sirrico-Net Games is proud to announce our first project-
Galactic Pocket Billiards!  Play pool in space, shoot planets into black holes, and enjoy this puzzle game demo for Windows and Android.

Grab the demo for free! We are looking for feedback on how to improve this game before release.  Please download and test it out, drop some comments, send some complaints, critique the style, find some bugs, build some custom levels, and let us know if you are looking forward to the full game.  We are over 80% finished, but we want to get some criticisms so the game will be perfect on release. 

The full game will contain:

  • Over 70+ challenges
  • A level editor
  • Plenty or cues and cue balls to choose from
  • Multiple themes- entire reskins of the game!
  • A plethora of space-related gravity-based minigames
  • Many beautiful sprited planets, asteroids, moons, gas giants, black holes, suns, and pieces of space junk to knock around. 

Let us know what you think, and we'll include you in the credits for helping us improve the game. Thank you, and happy shooting!


GPB Beta-Default- (14 MB)
GPB Beta-Default-0.0.1.apk (21 MB)

Development log


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1. Please get someone to fix your color palette. I'll fucking do it
2. The pool hitting animation doesnt have much oomph, try non-linear interpolation.
3. Star pickup effects are good
4 Overall style is all over the place and therefore shitty, but it's only a few steps away from a few good styles. For example, sleek pixels like the planets. Or vector graphics like the planet radiuses. My advice would be pick one and commit.
5. Wait til the asteroid is all the way in the pocket before ending the level.
6. Not showing all the win conditions (like complete level in one shot, ??????????????) before you unlock them is kind of weird. They should be serving as a goal for players to work towards.
7. You have a bug in the wormhole (xd) https://imgur.com/gallery/YirzY
8. Asteroid moves too slow even at full force. This is a problem nearly all puzzle games have -- once you've decided on your strategy, testing it should be as close to instantaneous as you can get.


9. I was able to get a second shot off while the asteroid was moving. It's hard to reproduce but it was on "The darker the ring, the heavier the gravity".
10. Display the name and number of the level somewhere in the level.
11. It's physically inaccurate, but consider adding some drag (or more drag)? Otherwise a lot of levels become a test of just trying to bounce off a shitload of walls. And the asteroid is so slow (see above), that it takes minutes to see if you won. Maybe there's a faster way to solve the level, but you're not rewarding that in the game proper, just in the player's fear of boredom.
12. Consider making the levels 2-5x larger, and compensating with smaller pixel art.
13. Consider pausing when taking a shot.
14. There's a bug where an asteroid will PULL a planet. I can't reproduce it but be on the lookout.
15. I got bored / gave up at "Yellow walls break"

Thank you for the feedback!  We are glad we released a demo so we could understand issues that we cannot readily notice, and we will definitely be working on some issues before the game is released.

I also tried to get you on the thread- please let me know what you mean about the color palette, we're inexperienced and still learning

Sure - I'm no expert on color theory, but you're using basically programmer colors (pure green, yellow, red, plus the full gamut of white to gray to black). Note that using for example pure green + black can work, but it conveys a theme: hacking / cyberspace. And white + black can work, but it conveys a theme: minimalism. You do have more variety in the planet colors, but that's also an issue. You don't have a coherent palette. Honestly, I'd recommend ripping a palette from an indie game that does it well. Planetarium and most of managore's other games do this well.

Thanks a bunch, I've heard from other people that hacker green doesn't fit the space theme very well.  You might not have noticed because it is tucked away in the settings, but you can select any color for the HUD, buttons, etc...  I was considering making light blue or some "spacey" color the default.  Anyhow, I've gotten great feedback from a lot of different people and I think the next demo I put out will be really great.